About us

Information about the team behind schnaq.

The schnaq principle

Schnaq brings interactive and digital education into the future. And it does so with uncompromising data protection.

Schnaq was founded because we, as university lecturers  ourselves, were dissatisfied with how many different pieces of software were needed for modern and interactive teaching. That’s why we started working on schnaq.

So that all educators only need one software which keeps the data of the participants secure and GDPR-compliant in Germany.

Our Values

We follow values that define our actions and our products.


We focus on presenting our products and their capabilities honestly and without exaggeration. We firmly believe that our products can stand for themselves without any exaggeration.

Will to Collaborate

We firmly believe that we can achieve more together than alone. That’s why we like to cultivate a culture of collaboration. Whether it’s among ourselves as a team or with our customers and cooperation partners. Together we can create great things.


We don’t make decisions out of the blue, but based on all the data we have available. But once a decision has been made after discussions, we stand behind it together and pull together to move forward into the future of modern education.


We are proud of our work and what we create. We like our work, we see it as a part of us and we enjoy connecting people all over the world. That’s why we care that our products are of the highest possible quality.


Every person brings their own unique perspective on the world. And precisely because we bring people into contact with each other, we want as many of these perspectives as possible to flow into our work.

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Lines of Code

The Founding Team

Dr. Alexander Schneider

Co-Founder – Operations Lead

In my career as a lecturer, I’ve been involved in a lot of different roles – from leading practice groups to giving my own lectures. I founded Schnaq so that I could enable interactive, collaborative discussions between learners. Because I firmly believe that the best way to learn is to learn together. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s offline or online!

Outside of work, the focus lies also on collaboration. But then on shared pen & paper rounds with friends. Or on spending time together with family and my dog.

Dr. Christian Meter

Co-Founder – Technical Lead

After almost a decade of teaching, I have seen many changes and modernizations. Years ago, I applied concepts like flipped classroom in my own lectures. With very good results. For me, this is proof that modern teaching requires modern methods. And modern methods benefit from modern technology. That’s why I make sure that schnaq offers the optimal technology for modern teaching.

In my free time I like to take a break from the computer and spend a lot of time in nature, hiking, doing community work as a “Pfadfinder” or gardening.

Michael Birkhoff

Co-Founder – Product Design Lead

I have always been creative in my career as a software developer and lecturer. From small computer games to explain communication between computers to students to professional VR applications which impress and inspire people.

For me, good teaching is interactive and fun. That’s when the impact is greatest. And that’s why at schnaq I also focus on maximum interactivity, creativity and the necessary portion of fun.

In my free time, I also love to spend a fun time with games, good food and my dog.