Events as interactive as they should be

Schnaq is the Swiss army knife for your event

Your participants have questions, you have answers

Answer questions once and use them again in your next event. Gain an instant overview and save time in the future.

Let your participants vote

Create polls and find out what your participants think! Decide for yourself whether to use single or multiple choice.

Activate your audience

Get your participants actively involved in your event! Their concentration is fading? Increase their attention with a short action! Let them react at the touch of a button!

Preserve your brand throughout your event!

Your brand is an important part of who your company is. Preserve the colors, the presentation and flair of your brand with custom themes. You can pick any colors and images in a few seconds. All your schnaqs will reflect your brand instantly.

Your personal feedback channel

Get important insights in the analysis overview. Unlock feedback or take a look at the automatically generated word cloud.

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Try it out and elevate your next event with schnaq