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Inclusive and free for all. Hosted in the EU. Data sparse and Open Source.


Individual Consulting and Execution for Companies
On Request

Optimize the communication of your company. Special wishes and requirements can be accommodated for easily.

Core Product

Number of active schnaqs per account


Number of different devices per schnaq

Additional Participants

Number of additional participants, that can be added to the maximum.

Contact sales for more

Methods, to activate your audience. Number of concurrently live activations per schnaq.

Discussions, Questions & Answers
Intelligent Q&A

Let your audience ask questions and even answer them. Quantity per schnaq


Let your audience discuss peer to peer in a structured way. Limits per schnaq.

Moderation features

Various options or settings to moderate schnaq or set it up to your liking.


Allow for replies to be directly given in schnaq

Automated question detection

Let schnaq help you filter out questions automatically.

Automatic Mindmaps

Schnaq generates an automatic mind map for all posts and statements.

Quick Polls

Let your audience vote on anything with a few clicks.

Quick Activation

Is your audience losing attention? Use the quick activation to get your event back on track.

Word Clouds

Visualize your posts in a wordcloud


Instead of normal polls, your audience can also rank their choices by preference.


Is your audience losing attention? Use the quick activation to get your event back on track.

Security and privacy
DSGVO Compliant Data Handling

Schnaq handles data compliant to GDPR and all other European and German data compliance laws and regulations.

Hosting in a German Cloud

All customer data remains inside Germany at all times.

Anonymous Participation Possible

Users can participate anonymously by using a QR-Code or secret link.

Participation by Code

Participate via an 8-digit code or QR-Code.

Advanced features
Personalized Design

Easily customize schnaq's look to reflect your brand in a few clicks.

Analytics Dashboard

The most important data points about your schnaq in one place.

Summary A.I.

Keep track of discussions by reading automatically generated summaries.

Collaborative Moderation

Moderate your schnaq in collaboration with others.


Interactive and illustrated instructions for the integrations can be found in the schnaq academy ↪️.

Embed schnaq

Embed schnaq in any website you want.

Embed in Moodle

Embed schnaq in any Moodle Course.

Embed in ILIAS

Embed schnaq in any ILIAS Course.

Mail Support

Contact the schnaq team via mail at any time.

Priority Support

Your requests immediately go to the top of the queue.

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