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Flipped classroom and new learning methods are easier than ever to implement with schnaq. Design your courses not only for, but with your learners!

Schnaq is Open Source for Everybody

The schnaq software is 100% open source and can be downloaded and used by everyone for free. We build on a strong community that develops schnaq together according to the needs of teachers and learners.

If you don’t want to run schnaq yourself, you can still use the official schnaq cloud. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right plan for you or your institution.

If you need help setting up your own schnaq instance, you can also contact our staff.

The revenue we generate from these services goes towards the further development of the open source platform, which we regularly provide with updates and patches.



Enable easy participation from students. No more One-(Wo)Man-Shows!


No instructions needed. Schnaq is designed to enable all kinds of learners. Click on the link and start participating!


Schnaq is 100 % GDPR-compliant. We do everything for participants data privacy and fight the data thieves for you.



Bring education into the digital space. Use schnaq for flipped classrooms, peer-to-peer learning and interactive courses.


With schnaq you help people that would not participate otherwise, to creatively voice their views.


Schnaq can be integrated in most LMS. If you have institution-wide logins, schnaq can use them as well.

„With schnaq I could let my students have a discussion as homework. The students visibly had fun, when using schnaq in the classroom as well.“
David Hanio
„We were also able to stimulate discussion and exchange among students during online events through schnaq, which had a significant impact on teaching success.“
Frauke Kling
Research assistant

The schnaq Offering


Find out what your students think about a topic quickly.

Word clouds

Collect Ideas and easily visualize what your students are talking about.

Q&A Mode

Collect the most common questions for a topic and let schnaq help you with answering.

Schnaq Quick Activation

You're dreading online lectures? The schnaq quick activation uses gamification to keep your students engaged.

Individual Design

Design the look and feel of your schnaqs to your liking. Or do it together with your students, so everybody feels welcome.


Let your participants easily draw and write on a personal whiteboard that is shared with the rest with a single click.


Automatic Mind Maps

Schnaq automatically generates mind maps, when your students are discussing. Easy visualization without extra work.


Schnaq allows your students to discuss topics anywhere at any time. Discussions as homework? No problem!

Feedback Box

Collect feedback in few steps. Get text answers or ratings for any questions you have.

Personal Area

Schnaq gives you a personal area, to give you easy access to all your schnaq rooms. No more link juggling.

Integration into your LMS

Why use multiple tabs, when you can integrate schnaq directly into your favorite LMS. The schnaq academy helps you with the integration step by step.


Als Lehrer:in sollst du natürlich die Zügel in der Hand haben. Vielfältige Moderationsoptionen erlauben es dir, deine schnaq Räume einfach zu verwalten.

Enable Peer-2-Peer-Learning

Schnaq automatically structures questions from your students – even during a live event!

You can easily implement modern teaching methods like Flipped/Inverted Classroom and let your participants discuss among themselves.

This way you save time and enable interactive peer-2-peer learning.

Your Personal Feedback Channel

Get important insights in the analysis overview. Unlock feedback or take a look at the automatically generated word cloud.

Any of your participants can also easily contact you for an online exchange.

More Activity, Less Work

Engage your students in live events with one click!

Use the activation function to get direct feedback. No need for a microphone, chat or camera. One click on the Toroo button is all it takes!

No more One-(Wo)Man-Shows in the online lectures!

Q&A Student

A Direct Link to Your Students

Fast, easy and online! Available on any device.

Schnaq offers your participants the easiest channel to give feedback. Interaction with one click! There is no hurdle of registration.

Modernize your educational offerings with schnaq

A few clicks and you can be one of the pioneers of modern education! 👋

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