Liven up your events: Be incredible interactive and endlessly entertaining!

Use interactive elements like polls, word clouds, Q&As and more with just a few steps. Anywhere you want.

The organisations like to schnaq


The right touch of fun for your event

Whether you’re planning a conference, corporate party or event, schnaq elements will make your event shine. Amaze and delight your audience with interactive games, contests and other fun features that create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Make your event special with just the right touch of fun!

Participation instead of dozing off

Use schnaq to engage all people equally. Collect questions with the Q&A box, create an opinion with a poll, or find the most popular ideas with the word clouds.

Several other features help you find just the right amount of interactivity.

Everywhere you want

Schnaq adapts to you. Just use schnaq as it is and let all participants take part via smartphone or computer.

Or turn everything upside down and include the entire schnaq space or individual elements where you need them.

A colorful schnaq survey on your website? An inclusive Q&A box during your company all hands? An inspiring word cloud in your presentation?

No problem with schnaq embeddings.

schnaq is Open Source und privacy focused

The schnaq software is 100% open source and can be downloaded and used by everyone for free. We build on a strong community that develops schnaq together according to the needs of teachers and learners.

If you don’t want to run schnaq yourself, you can still use the official schnaq cloud. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right plan for you or your institution, or to set up schnaq at your site.

Data minimization and security are schnaq’s top priorities. Therefore, all servers are located in Germany and EU and communicate only with other services in the EU. DSGVO compliance has never been so easy.

Schnaq. Your way.

Large Meetings + All Hands

Make participants feel truly heard by allowing everyone to ask their questions.


Involve your audience and make your presentation interactive. For more attention and fun.


On average, interactive courses ensure better learning success, less boredom and more participation.


Increase attendee engagement and turn your webinars into world-class interactive experiences.

(Without Payment Information)

The schnaq offering


Find out what your audience think about a topic quickly.

Word clouds

Collect Ideas and easily visualize what your audience is talking about.

Q&A Mode

Collect the most common questions for a topic and let schnaq help you with answering.

Schnaq Quick Activation

Preparing an online event? The schnaq quick activation helps to keep your participants engaged with gamification.

Individual Design

Design the look of your schnaq rooms according to your preferences, or directly as the corporate identity requires. So that everyone feels comfortable.


Let your participants easily draw and write on a personal whiteboard that is shared with the rest with a single click.


Automatic Mind Maps

When your participants discuss, schnaq automatically generates mind maps. This way, everyone can quickly find their way through the discussion. Also perfect for brainstorming!


Schnaq enables your participants to discuss in a structured way – from anywhere.

The results are processed and summarized by an A.I. as a mind map.

Feedback Box

Collect anonymous feedback from your audience in just a few steps. Whether free text or as a rating.

Personal Area

To help you keep track of everything, all your schnaqs are organized in your personal space. Juggling links was yesterday.


Why reinvent the wheel? Integrate schnaq rooms into all common LMS or web offerings. You don’t know how? With the interactive schaq Academy you will be guided step by step! You can find interactive instructions in the schaq Academy.


As a moderator, you should of course have the reins in your hand. Multiple moderation options allow you to easily manage your schnaq rooms.

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