Schnaq is now available as a Community Edition

The aim of schnaq has always been to allow as many people as possible to create fun and interactive presentations and hold exciting discussions. That’s why schnaq became open source last year. Now we are taking the next step and abolishing the two-tier society. From June 1st 2024, all registered users will automatically have access to all features on the instance operated by schnaq GmbH. Free of charge!

Existing premium accounts will of course continue to have access to everything, but will no longer be extended and will automatically become a community account after the subscription expires.

You have questions? We answer!

What will change for me as a schnaq Pro user?
Nothing! You can continue to use all schnaq features and your subscription will never be charged again after 01.06.2024!

Can I support the continued operation of
Of course you can. If your means allow it, you can support schnaq on GitHub with a sponsorship ( and thus contribute to the further development and operation of schnaq.

Can I simply use schnaq for my event XY?
You may use schnaq as you wish, as long as you comply with applicable laws and treat all participants fairly.

Can I collaborate on schnaq?
You are welcome to contribute code, make suggestions for improvement, or tell others about how you use schnaq for yourself.