Schnaq goes Open Source!

The schnaq vision from the beginning was to build a privacy compliant and trustworthy software. A software from which education in Germany, and also the rest of the world can benefit. The only logical step was to follow words with deeds and open source the entire source code of schnaq.

Schnaq is open source as of today!

But what does this mean for the users? On the one hand, it means that everyone can check the source code and convince themselves that we take our promises regarding data minimization and privacy seriously. On the other hand, all private individuals as well as institutions are allowed to download and easily use the schnaq software.

This way, institutions that only use open software for various reasons can also enjoy interactive learning methods and access schnaq tools such as word clouds, surveys, whiteboards and discussion forums.

In addition, by releasing schnaq as open source, the education community now has the opportunity to further improve and customize schnaq to their needs. For example, developers can add new features or improve the user interface to optimize the user experience.

At schnaq, we believe that good education should be accessible to all and that open source software is an important step in this direction. In particular, we are already looking forward to the feedback and cooperation of the community.

Of course, schnaq GmbH will continue to actively develop the schnaq software and contribute patches and updates. Together with our community, we continue developing a better product.

If someone does not want to run schnaq themselves, there is still the possibility of a paid subscription in the German schnaq Cloud. Upon request, schnaq GmbH also helps with the setup and operation of own schnaq instances. The revenues generated in this way contribute to the continuous development of the schnaq software.

The license under which the schnaq software is published is the AGPL 3 license. This means that everyone who continues to develop schnaq is obliged to make the changes available to the community so that everyone can continue to benefit from them.

We look forward to an exciting future for schnaq for and with the entire educational community!


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