How to Make Audiences Love Your Trainings

You value the people that come to your training, events, talks, and seminars. But they don’t necessarily know that. 

Not to worry: You can make your audience love your event by showing that you value them. If the people in your audience feel valued, they are way more likely to come back for more or recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Here are five methods you can try out immediately.

1. Get The Audience’s Feedback

There is no perfect, only better. Nothing is more valuable for improving your training than the feedback of your participants. Listening to the suggestions of your audience shows them that you care.

Try different forms of feedback. 

There is the classic, where you go around at the end of the event. You can try anonymous feedback or sprinkle in pauses for small and specific feedback requests.

2. Make Sure the Audience Understands You

A few people in a crowd raising their hands
Asking a question during a talk is not something that everybody has the guts to do. Try to provide alternatives for those people, so they feel heard as well. © Unsplash

Asking a question that shows you did not understand something is difficult in an audience. Many people will not raise their (virtual) hands and straight up ask. 

Make it easier for your audience to ask questions. 

  • You can pose questions, helping you determine if your audience understands you.
  • Provide the possibility for virtual Q&A, taking away the pressure of asking questions publicly.
  • Use polls or small quizzes to make sure everybody is keeping up.

3. Make it fun to be There

Did you ever feel unvalued somewhere where you had fun? Neither will your audience. 

Let them have a good time. But don’t try to be a comedian if that is not your natural style.

You can add a little humor, make your presentation more exciting, incorporate media, or play games with your audience

4. Provide a Unique Perspective

You are presenting at your seminar because you are an expert. Show that to the participants. Nothing lets the audience feel less valued than the nagging thought of seeing some run-of-the-mill presentation.

Provide your unique input on issues and questions. Give information which they will only get from you. And continue to do so even when the event is over. You could do that, for example, by having a channel where you answer questions weeks after the event finished.

A set of binoculars with scenery in the background.
Your perspective is unique because you are an expert. Share your uniqueness with your audience. There are few things more special, that will let them feel valued, as seeing the world through your eyes. © Unsplash

5. Let the Audience be a Part of the Event

This tip might be the most obvious but is seldom utilized by the average speaker. The list of things that let your audience actively participate is endless. Here are a few of them:

Just start!

All methods work, whether you’re online, offline, or in a hybrid setting. Likewise, you can use software and apps for all or none of the points. 

The important thing is that you do and show your audience that you value them being there.

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